Easyphonia | Scenarios of use
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Scenarios of use

Possible scenarios of use

For your business

If you have a business then you are concerned about your privacy, EasyPhonia can provide you with a local phone number of the area you want and apply on the number the strongest encryption techniques.


You can also have a number of the local area of your business partners so that they can call you at their local rates and you will increase your international presence.


You can have a number dedicated to any customer and decide which one you want to keep active; voice mail will help you to keep track of the received calls.

Mission critical operations

EasyPhonia has been engineered to run in the most critical conditions, messages, voice calls, video calls and conferences are encrypted and can be used in conjunction to the secure VPN environment to bypass local nation barrage and the advanced antimalware system.


Using a local number of the nation of origin, operators can have a direct and secure link to their operations HQ, without using unsecure tool that have not been designed for mission critical activities.

For your family

Nowadays families are speeded all around the words, keep in touch with family and friends while studying abroad is not easy, not everyone use the same messaging app but everybody has a telephone to make and receive calls, with a phone number of the origin local area, family members and friend will easily be able to contact each other. If voice is not sufficient for all the members of the EasyPhonia network video calls and conferences are available.

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