Easyphonia | Land Line (VoIP)
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Land Line (VoIP)

Land Line Numbers

EasyPhonia can provide you with fixed line numbers (land line) from any city from across the world. It will be easy stay close to your customers, business partners, family and friends having a local phone number in their location. Forward and receive the calls wherever you want, office, home, and eaven your mobile, anywhere in the world. Your callers will pay Local Call Rates when they call you.

EasyPhonia provides you the possibility to have a phone number in your own area code, in another State or even another Country! There are mainly two different types of numbers EasyPhonia can provides you. The main difference is in the ability to be reached from the outside of EasyPhonia’s network but both the categories permits you to make calls.

EasyPhonia Land Line (Geographic)

EasyPhonia is capable to set a landline national number (VoIP) to each member, with the area code of any city (for example: 3902 Milan, 3906 Rome, 2341 Lagos, 813 Tokyo etc..) and of any world cities, with the exception of those countries which do not authorize the VoIP. On this number, it will be possible to receive phone calls, just as the normal national fixed telephone line and to set up advanced answering services.

The telephone number obtained can be associated to a smartphone (and so, to receive the phone calls on the local number of the user’s mobile device) or through a very small physical device (which is capable to convert the usual phone line to VoIP), to replace the office landline or the domestic one. The phone number is associated to the user’s own smartphone through an APP which will be configured from the back office, according to the customer’s requests.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Are internal phone numbers from our servers/switchboards, can have the same format of PSTN number but can be used to communicate only among EasyPhonia users. For example users that want to communicate for free without limitation between them such as two branches of a corporation or two fiance’ that lives temporarly in different areas.

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