Easyphonia | Mobile VoIP and APP
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Mobile VoIP and APP

Mobile VoIP and APP

Mobile VoIp is for all the users that want more from their smartphone, and want to use all the possible functionalities and advantages of VoIP, EasyPhonia has a powerful and stable implementation of VoIP that enable Mobile users to use EasyPnonia functionalities on the go, they can use our APP.

All you need to do is to download a VoIP client, EasyPhonia support all the possible soft phone based on standard SIP protocol. VoIP softphone (Software Phone) is able to turn a mobile device into a SIP client and use a data network (WiFi, 5G, 4G, 3G, EDGE or GPRS) for sending and receiving communications, either telephone calls or video calls. But if you want to use all the functionalities (including dedicated security protocols) then we recommend to use our dedicated client.

Our App, available for IOS and Android comes from an open source core and has been modified to has been to satisfy our standards in terms of flexibility, security and design.

EasyPhonia’s users can receive calls from their own local telephone number or from their own associated “virtual phone number” absolutely free wherever they are.

With the App you can:

  • Make calls directly without using access number
  • Receive calls directly to your land line number at no cost
  • Chat with your friends using the chat with enhanced presence system
  • Video call

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