prepaid calling cards

are convenient and easy to use  to make international and long distance phone calls. Especially International calls are extremely expensive and not all the phone companies include long distance calls in their default program. Finding the company that fits to your need is not always easy. Getting the right service is always matter of balance between phone call quality and rates and remember .. there is no free lunch despite what someone says.  A good idea to try out the companies who are offering a 100% money back guarantee on their services. That way if all else fails at least you won’t have to pay anything!

All the companies have different rates when you call a mobile or a landline phone. There are prepaid cards specially made to make phone calls to mobile phone, they cost less than the other prepaid cards, so it helps you save more money. But remember rates fluctuate according to the market, don’t expect to get the same rate during the years. EasyPhonia promptly inform users as soon the rates for the phone calls change, a good idea is to login into the user portal and verify the cost of phone call from the simulator. There are also cards with fees and no fees EasyPhonia has no fees. You always have to remember that the cheaper the card, the more fees are applied through higher maintenance fees and taxes. On the other hand, the cards without fees have a higher call per minute rate. When buying calling cards you always have look for the toll free number so you can reach their customer service anytime. These cards are also sold in different denominations according to your needs. This also saves you from all the hidden taxes and fees most plans will hit you with.

You can easily purchase them and get the PIN emailed to you and start making calls right away. Phone cards also come in two different types: rechargeable and non rechargeable. Rechargeable cards can be used without getting a new PIN number every time you make a call; all you need to do is purchase more units or minutes. For those who travel very often and need to make international or domestic calls, using a prepaid card can be very helpful. By using affordable prepaid cards, you can easily be connected to your loved ones.

International phone cards allow you to make international calls at low call rates. Using such cards, you can call various countries at low prices. You can escape from huge roaming fees charged by many telecom industries when you use the international phone cards. Buying international phone cards online is simple and easy. These prepaid cards can be purchased from the online phone card company”s website. Once you pay with your credit card or PayPal, you will receive the prepaid card. If you want to increase calling credits, you can recharge from the same website. There are a few important points to consider when you buy online phone cards.

Countries of origin and destination

Your best online phone card depends on your use. Normally, you want a solution which allows you to call certain countries at low rates. Look for companies which provide cheap services to the countries you want. The country from which you start a call is also important. Some phone card companies allow you to call many countries from certain states. You can use such services if you stay in a state but wish to call overseas friends. In particular EasyPhonia does not make any difference on the country you are calling from, we tent to have one single rate per country, some exception may came if we had to setup expensive equipment to grant the communication.

Regular phone or pay phone

While online phone card companies allow cheap calling, the calling rates differ with the way you make calls. Before buying online

phone cards, check if the company charges more if you call from payphones. The call rate varies if you call pay phones or cell phones or landline. To get the best choice, you have to compare various companies and solutions and pick one which satisfies your needs.