Save with our Rates

Today we deal more with international clients than local. Moreover, our teams are more widely spread internationally than they were in 90s. Consequently, the dealings with the clients and coordination with the teams along with friends and family living abroad, can turn out to be too costly. As diverse communications media are taking hold of the world, we find it more confusing when selecting from various options available. However, no matter their claim are of being free or cheap, there are always some hidden charges present in the packages. So, act wisely and trust the ones with clear well defined charges’ policy.

What makes our calls the Cheapest ones Mostly when you make a call to another country through any telecommunication service, the international calling charges are applied to the calls that make their cost too high. What if you are charged at only local rates? That’s where our cheapest services play its role. Calling through “Easy Phonia” means that you can easily talk to any destination with its local call rates! and some time even lower rate, For example: while making a call from UK to Canada, you are charged the local rates of Canada and not the international calling rates that will otherwise be applied to a call from UK to Canada. (The countries which have exceptions to this rule are also clearly identified in our rate file, again no hidden charges!) One might think this is too good to be true! I do agree, actually it kind of is. We actually make it possible by providing you with a local number of your destination. So, after getting that number from us, you will no longer be calling internationally but locally. Moreover, as our charges are applied to only the services that you use, you need not to worry about extra charges of connection or disconnection!