no international roaming

Save on international roaming

No International roaming ! EasyPhonia services are engineered to allow users the flexibility to use their smart phone as their primary communication device, our systems have been designed to meet the needs of everybody. Whether you travel for leisure or business you won’t need to pay international roaming fees to stay in touch with family friends or business partners.

Our innovative VoIP technology infrastructure will give you the freedom to call and receive calls without worrying about the high price of the international roaming phone bill.

In order to avoid international roaming you need to:

check get an EasyPhonia landline number
check download our APP
check make sure you have an internet connection

local number (also known as fixed number or landline number) from across the world, can be requested by sending an email to our customer service or by filling the inquiry form.

APP: EasyPhonia has a robust business relation with ZOIPER, at the moment it is considered the best VoIP app on the market, thanks to ZOIPER you can have access to all the features that EasyPhonia can offer, or alternatively you can use any softphone you like since EasyPhonia supports all of them.

Internet connection, is required in order to use our advanced VoIP services, you can use any connection, either the one provided by your phone company or the connection provided by the hotel or public hotspot.