Military Special Offer

EasyPhonia military offer

EasyPhonia military offer

At EasyPhonia we know very well how hard it is to keep in touch with loved ones while deployed: different time zones, operational requirements, and many other factors make it harder to make or receive phone calls.

What if there was a solution to go beyond all that, enabling you to call your partner when you feel like it?

What if you had an easy to use, always ready telephone, where your family can call you anytime?

What if your children could dial a simple, local number and reach you as if you were at the grocery store down the corner?

It wasn’t possible, but now  with our special offer, with EasyPhonia you can!
We deploy the freedom to communicate wherever you are. Thanks to our advanced VoIP technology you can have a landline number of your local area directly connected to your smartphone and make calls at our low rates and more important you can receive calls for free unlimited.

View the special offer for the Italian Armed Forces



Feature Free Cost
A land line number of your preferred area According to the area you choose
The EasyPhonia App
Unlimited inbound calls
Make calls at the lowest rate without international roaming
Chat/Messaging system
Unlimited free calls with the virtual phone number
The possibility to receive call

Unlimited calls

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