Secure and Dynamic VOIP technology now available

By Werner G. Klokow 24 May 2017

New York – A small, but well-established VOIP service is taking the world by storm with its encryption enabled voice, video and chat services. EasyPhonia is promising to be foremost on the lips of many people as it gains more traction in the market.

The intuitive EasyPhonia app has been developed by ZOIPER who specialises in military grade encryption so you know it will offer a secure service. Furthermore, the EasyPhonia app also looks good with its orange colour and has an intuitive interface.   One of the outstanding selling points of EasyPhonia is that you can register and ask for a local number that you can use as home number or you can have it configured on your mobile phone via the APP. To make this deal sweeter EasyPhonia clients also speak to each other free of charge, as we say … free unlimited. Also the rates for all the outgoing calls are on the average 20% lower, and all the incoming calls are always free of charge.   Except for their VOIP voice calling service we also offer video calling and a chat service. Everything is included in the same package.   Why do you need military grade encryption? We live in the information age where information is money. You do not want everybody to know what your personal information is in a society where identity theft is on the rise, and companies always have sensitive data to protect. At the very least you can safeguard the recipe of your famous Apple Crumble.   Very appreciated from the companies is also the possibility that we offer to our customers to have internal numbers, that we call “circle of trust”, this numbers can have within the circle free and secure conversations, video communications and chat   If you have not yet done so visit the website of EasyPhonia at Here you will get more information including learning about its forty thousand plus subscribers and the prices of the calling cards, which can be purchased online.   Currently EasyPhonia has call centres in the US, Italy and the UK. They are looking to expand with more people joining the service.   For media inquiries regarding EasyPhonia, individuals are encouraged to contact via email at To learn more about the company, please visit   End of Press Release.