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EasyPhonia Launches New User-friendly Website


(Wilmington, DE) – 06 Feb. 2016 Following their online debut in 2009, EasyPhonia has revealed a new website and mobile-friendly layout to accommodate users and their VoIP services.

Since 2009, EasyPhonia has been offering telecommunication services that have been engineered to allow users the flexibility to use their cell phone as their primary communication device, while also allowing users the freedom to make calls from any other telephone or soft phone.

The company which specializes in VoIP international calls, messaging and video calls recently launched their new website to better serve their growing user base while continuing to providing affordable rates and high-quality calls services to over 35000 users around the globe.

EasyPhonia’s new website boasts a modern and responsive layout, suitable for mobile users. Rates and instructions are now more accessible and content has been restructured to ensure a better user experience. In addition, the company also revealed a new logo to establish the company’s professional image. Users can also stay up to date with the company’s latest news and blog posting in EasyPhonia’s new press section.

“We really wanted to relaunch our website in a big way,” explains Director of Marketing, Antonella Daniele. She goes on to say, “A lot has changed in seven years so it was definitely time to update and we know our users will love it.”

Those interested are encouraged check out the new website and services that EasyPhonia has to at

About the company:

Founded in 2009, EasyPhonia is a VoIP telecommunication service provider that offers residential and business VoIP solutions plans as well as international calling cards for users around the globe. Users use a telephone adapter that is easy to install and inexpensive, with no PSTN line required. With only an internet connection, EasyPhonia is helping provide VoIP technology to users in search for a more affordable and secure solution to internationally or long distance communications.

For media inquiries regarding EasyPhonia, individuals are encouraged to contact via email at To learn more about the company, please visit